2017 Interns and Projects

Argonne National Laboratory Interns

Fermilab Interns and Projects
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Intern University Mentor Project
Samantha Young Loyola University Kermit Carlson Characterization of the IOTA Proton Source
RuthAnn Gregory Michigan State University Elvin Harms Performance Characterization of LCLS-II Superconducting Radiofrequency Cryomodules
Axel Gross Case Western Reserve University Tanaji Sen Beam Echoes in the Presence of Coupling
Joshua Feldman University of Illinois Charles Thangaraj Conduction Cooling of a Niobium SRF Cavity using a Cryocooler

Mario Balcazar University of Kansas Katsuya Yonehara Analytical & Experimental Study of Radio Frequency Cavity Beam Profile Monitor
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