2017 Interns and Projects

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Interns

Argonne Interns and Projects
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Intern University Mentor(s)


Alejandro Mercado University of Arkansas Lahsen Assoufid & Jun Qian

Uses of Magnetically Smart Films to Shape X-ray Mirrors

Yifan Su Cornell University Zachary Conway Development of Stripping Kicker for the APS
Diego Gutieriez Coronel Illinois Institute of Technology Jeff Dooling & Yine Sun Analysis of Auto- and Cross-correlator
Chuan Yin University of Chicago John Power & Jiahang Shao Developing Processing Electronics for BPM Prototype at the AWA RF Photo-Injector
Hector Perez Illinois Institute of Technology Kamlesh Suthar & Geoff Waldschmidt Corrugated Waveguide Simulations
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