2010 Students and Projects

Argonne National Laboratory Interns

Fermilab Interns and Projects
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Intern University Mentor Project
Ramesh Adhikari Berea College Elvin Harms Quench Localization in Superconducting Radio-frequency Cavities
Katheryn French Massachusetts Institute of Technology Milorad Popovic Development of a Dielectric Loaded RF Cavity for a Muon Accelerator
Chris Gong Ohio Wesleyan University

Eric Prebys

Reduce Booster Beam Loss Using New Corrector Magnets
Logan Maingi University of Oklahoma Dariusz Bocian/Giorgio Ambrosio Numerical Study of Energy Deposits in Superconducting Magnet Coils
Thomas Schmit Missouri University of Science and Technology Bob Zwaska Commissioning a Test Stand for Secondary Electron Yield Studies
John Stogin Princeton University Tanaji Sen Observed Effects of Beam-Beam Interactions on the Longitudinal Dynamics in the Tevatron
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