2010 Interns and Projects

Fermilab National Laboratory Interns

Argonne Interns and Projects
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Intern University Mentor Project
Adam Alongi University of Notre Dame Zikri Yusof A Faraday Cup for the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator and Photocathode Literature Survey
Branko Popovic University of Iowa Geoff Waldschmidt RF Solid State Driver for Argonne Light Source
Muhammed Sameed Cornell University Ali Khounsary Review of Structure, Properties and Fabrication of Single-Crystal Beryllium
Kenneth Schlax University of Notre Dame Bing-Xin Yang EM Undulator and Undulator A X-ray Profile Calculations for Grazing Incidence Insertion Device XBPM
Qingyi Wang Dartmouth College Curt Preissner Improving the Precision of the Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe
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